MAFL is seeking a student intern to assist with tournament administration for the Spring 2014 semester. Our goal is to better prepare students for graduate school by creating an opportunity to gain valuable experience in running a ballot table, directing extemp prep, tabulating with Joy of Tournaments software and more. The MAFL intern may continue to compete during the Saturday half of MAFL swings, but will work with the tournament staff instead of competing on Sundays.


To be a MAFL Intern, you need to be in your senior year of competitive speech and able to attend the following tournaments:

·      MAFL 5-6 (January 25-26, 2014) at Northern Illinois University/North Central College

·      MAFL 7-8 (February 22-23, 2013) at Bradley University/Illinois State University

In reviewing applications, the MAFL Executive Committee will be considering students’ experience with leadership, organizational skills, as well as future goals in the forensics community.

Application Materials

To apply, please submit the following at MAFL 3 registration on October 26, 2013 at the University of Northern Iowa:

1.     Resume/CV

2.     Cover Letter explaining your interest in the position and your qualifications

3.     Letter of Recommendation from your Coach

Contact Rebecca Buel ( with any questions regarding the application or internship program.