Mid-American Forensic League Constitution

Article I.      Name and Purpose

This organization shall be known as the Mid-America Forensic League.  Its purpose is to sponsor low-cost one-day individual  events tournaments at varying locations.

Article II.     Membership

Membership shall be open to any accredited 2 or 4 year degree granting college or university.  Members shall be those institutions which have paid their organizational dues.

Article III.   Officers

Section 1.

There shall be five elected officers:  President, Vice President, Secretary and two at-large members who shall be coaches at member institutions and who shall serve one year terms of office.  No two elected officers may be from the same school.

Section 2.

The President, Vice President, and Secretary shall constitute the Executive Committee.

Section 3.

The Executive Committee shall appoint an Executive Secretary, who must then be approved by the majority of the voting members.  The Executive Secretary may be re-appointed at the discretion of the Executive Committee and serves a three-year term.

Article IV.    Ratification

This constitution shall be in force as soon as representatives from the several colleges or universities specified in Article II affix their signatures.

Article V.     Amendments

This constitution may be amended by two-thirds vote of the member schools.  Mail ballot must be used.


Mid-America Forensic League By-laws

Section 1.     Membership

Colleges and Universities eligible for membership shall be invited by the Executive Secretary.  Any institution wishing to join may join at any time, and must pay membership dues to the Executive Secretary.  In order to vote, the school must have paid its membership dues.

Section 2.     Fees

Membership fees shall be 200.00 per school year.  This fee covers all entries for all league-sponsored tournaments.  Entry fees for non-member schools will be $8.00 per individual event entry.  A non-member school may attend one MAFL per year without paying membership dues. Judging fees shall be 10.00 per uncovered individual event slot.

Section 3      Tournaments

A.  MAFL tournaments shall be one-day tournaments.  The schedule should attempt to minimize housing and meal expenses for schools in attendance.

B.  The Executive Committee shall encourage site rotation to equalize school travel.

C.  Tournament dates should not conflict with established tournaments in the region.  However, individual events tournaments may conflict with debate tournaments, and vice-versa.

D.  MAFL tournaments shall be open to member and non-member colleges and universities.

Section 4      Individual Event Tournament Procedures

A.  Each MAFL tournament shall offer all eleven AFA-NIET events following AFA-NIET rules.  Additional events may be offered at the Executive Committee’s discretion.  Two patterns with two preliminary rounds and one final round will be offered

B.  Each qualified judge will cover six entry slots.  An undergraduate may judge if they have used up or forfeited their eligibility.

C.  Only undergraduate students working toward degree completion are eligible to compete.  AFA standards will apply.

D.  A contestant may enter no more than four events.  There shall be a limit of no more than six entries from a school per event.

E.  The top six contestants in each event shall advance to the finals unless there are sixty or more, when a semi-final including the top twelve contestants would be held in the first final time period.  Winners shall be determined in the following manner: 

1)  Cumulative rank

2)  Cumulative rate

3)  Number of 1st ranks, or 2nd, or 3rd if tied on the higher ranks

4)  If still tied, all involved in the tie will advance to the final round.

F.  In preliminary rounds, contestants should be ranked 1st through 5th.  In finals, contestants should be 1st through 6th (7th etc., if necessary).  Contestants will be rated on a 1-25 scale.

G.  Team sweepstakes shall be determined in the following manner:

1)  For preliminary rounds, 2 points for each 1st rank, 1 point for each 2nd

2)  In finals, 1st place shall be awarded 10 points; 2nd place, 8 points; 3rd place, 6 points; 4th place, 4 points; 5th place, 3 points;  6th place, 2 points; 7th place or lower, 1 point

H.  Awards shall be presented to the top six contestants in each even.  Team awards shall be presented to the top five schools.  Ties for team awards will be broken in the following manner:

1)  Numbers of 1st places in final placing: number of 2nd places or 3rd places if still tied

2)  Number of finalists

3) Duplicate awards are encouraged for further ties

Section 5      Responsibilities of Host Schools

The host schools are responsible for the costs of providing the following: classrooms for the contests, tab room, duplicating and typing facilities, a pool of hired judges.  The host school must provide the Executive Secretary with a list of motels and restaurants in time to be included in the invitation.

Section 6      Duties of Officers, Committee and Appointee

A.  President:  The President shall call business meetings as needed and shall preside at all business sessions.  The President must call at least one business meeting per semester, to be held at a League tournament.

B.  Vice President:  The Vice President shall assume the duties of President in the latter’s absence, and in case of a vacancy, shall succeed the President.

C.  Secretary: The Secretary shall carry on the correspondence of the League, and keep minutes of all business meetings.

D.  Executive Committee: The Executive Committee or those designated by the Executive Committee, and the Executive Secretary shall comprise the tab room staff at MAFL tournaments.  The Executive Committee shall draw up a calendar of League tournaments for the coming school year, which will be submitted to the membership for approval by the Spring Coaches’ Meeting (majority vote required). The Executive Committee shall appoint an Executive Secretary for a three-year term, and submit the decision to the membership for approval by the Spring Coaches’ Meeting (majority vote required).

E.  Executive Secretary:  The Executive Secretary shall be in charge of the administration of all League tournaments, including purchasing awards, mailing invitations, receiving entries, making schematics and pairings, and running the tab room at the tournaments.  At the discretion of the Executive Secretary, the host school could take responsibility for scheduling thetournament.  The Executive Secretary shall collect and have charge of all money of the League, and submit a report of the League’s finances to the members at least once a year.