Send hosting information to the Executive Secretary.

The specific invitation for your school will be sent out the week following the previous tournament. Please include:

  • Web address for your school or program
  • Directions to your school
  • Food suggestions for lunch
  • Location of registration

Submit scheduling information to the Executive Secretary.

Do this the week of the tournament (no later than Tuesday at 5:00 pm). Please include:

  • List of competition rooms (approx. 30)
  • Identify a tab room, extemp prep room with clock, and a room for awards (holding about 125, with a table for awards).  This is in addition to the competition rooms.
  • Judges and/or student lounges are recommended
  • List of 10 hired judges ($10 per round or 60.00 for a full-time judge).  Sunday hosts: To facilitate collapsing final rounds, please try to have 3-4 people who can come in to judge the final round.  A full-time judge needs to be clean to judge the host school and available for  all 6 rounds.  If they have judging restrictions then they will only be eligible to be paid per round judged.

Additional items to help the tournament run smoothly:

  • Breakfast items for the participants at the tournament
  • Table and 2 chairs for registration location
  • Tab room with table for laptop (2 chairs), table for writing postings, area to stuff ballots and internet access
  • Students who would be able to get the administrative staff some sort of lunch (MAFL absorbs cost)

MAFL brings all schematics, ballots, markers, tape, results forms and administrative staff to tabulate results. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Rebecca at or (805) 404-1649.

Hosting Forms